Matt Gagnon

That’s why I do what I do – because I want to help YOU find that same peace and clarity in your life.

Meet Matt Gagnon

As a personal trainer at Kansas Built Fitness, I blend strength training with the tranquility of yoga. My fitness journey started with a deep dive into yoga, shaping my approach to holistic wellness. I recognize the synergy between physical strength and mental peace and combine these elements to offer a comprehensive wellness experience.

My training philosophy emphasizes balancing physical strength and mental well-being. I integrate traditional strength and cardio exercises with yoga’s focus and breathing techniques, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience that promotes both physical health and mental resilience.

My time in India studying yoga under experienced mentors heavily influenced my training style. This experience has profoundly impacted my personal training methods, enhancing my clients’ overall well-being.

The most fulfilling part of my job is helping clients overcome obstacles and achieve their fitness goals. I guide individuals beyond their perceived limits, celebrating every milestone with them. My versatile personal fitness routine includes yoga, Olympic lifts, pull-ups, and handstands, demonstrating my commitment to comprehensive fitness.

I build trust and rapport with my clients through effective communication, consistent follow-through, and a genuine interest in their progress. This approach has earned me respect and confidence as a personal trainer. I emphasize time-tested fitness principles like consistency, discipline, and mindful lifestyle choices, focusing on sustainable strategies.

Matt began his yoga teaching journey in 2009 in Denver. His studies led him on multiple trips across India to learn from masters about the art of living. Matt studied under the late Suresh Pawar of Mysore, Karnataka, India in the tradition of Bheemashakti Ashtanga Yoga.

Afterwards he lived in a yoga ashram, practicing Hatha Yoga under the guidance of Yogi Ji at Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. Over four years at Mahatma Yoga Ashram, Matt studied and taught yoga philosophy, breathing, anatomy, posture practices and meditation.

As a teacher he works to create an experience for students that is light and empowering. He teaches progressing into advanced postures by demonstrating manageable steps in a style that is adaptive and accessible. Matt encourages students to see beyond comparisons and competition with others and presents the yoga practice as a journey into the depths of understanding one’s self.

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