24/7 Private Gym Membership

From weight lifting and TRX to mobility and stretching, discover your fitness sanctuary at Kansas Built Fitness’s private gym.

Welcome to Kansas Built Fitness, Olathe’s exclusive private gym where luxury meets functionality, offering 24-hour access (with door code) for those who demand flexibility and excellence in their fitness regime.

Experience personalized fitness in an environment that feels like second home with our family-like atmosphere that welcomes every member with open arms at our 24/7 private gym.

*Tours, Consultations, and Saunas are By Appointment Only. Please schedule your time with us so we can ensure you receive personal and efficient service from our staff.

A private gym where you are more than a number

Unmatched Amenities for an Unrivaled Fitness Experience​

At Kansas Built Fitness, we’re not just a gym; we’re a destination for those seeking excellence in their health and wellness journey. Our commitment to providing a superior workout environment with modern fitness equipment, complete with the comforts and conveniences of a premium fitness club, sets us apart.

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Premium amenities and service from the first day you walk in

Elevate your fitness

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24/7 Access

Fit your workouts into your schedule, anytime, day or night, in our secure, state-of-the-art facility using a private door code.

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10,000 ft2 of Gym Floor

Experience the freedom of our expansive, 10,000 square foot gym floor, equipped with the latest fitness technology for an unrivaled workout.

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Private Lockers & Showers

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of personal lockers and showers, making your gym experience seamless and comfortable.

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Climate-Controlled Environment

Our fully air-conditioned gym ensures your workouts are always in the perfect setting, no matter the weather outside.

Outdoor Feel Indoors

Large garage doors open to let in fresh air and natural sunlight, blending indoor luxury with the benefits of outdoor workouts.

Advanced Equipment

Access the latest in fitness technology with our advanced gym equipment, catering to all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Impeccable Cleaning Standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for all our members.

Expert Personal Trainers

Achieve your fitness goals with our team of expert personal trainers, offering personalized guidance and support.

Family-Like Atmosphere

Join a community where members are treated like family, fostering motivation and support in your fitness journey.

Limited Membership

Enjoy ample space and availability of equipment with our limited membership policy, designed to prevent overcrowding and enhance your gym experience.